Monday, June 4, 2018

Track 17

Pharmacy is the science and technique of preparing and dispensing drugs. It is a health profession that links health sciences with chemical sciences and aims to ensure the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs.
Top 10 blockbuster Cancer Drugs include:
  • Avastin
  • Revlimid
  • Rituxan
  • Herceptin
  • Imbruvica
  • Gleevec
  • Alimta
  • Velcade
  • Erbitux
  • Gardasil
Many of the newer medications are geared towards very specific kinds of cancer, charging premium prices and facing little competition. And because ​biologic treatments do not have the same kind of generic competition as chemical drugs, they have a longer shelf-life in terms of patent protection. There is an increasing demand worldwide for oncology medications, so pharmaceutical companies are seeing significant growth outside of their usual markets in the United States and Europe.
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