Monday, June 11, 2018

Ice-Cream!!!!! Its beneficial effect on Blood Vessels

It’s Monday and World Hematology 2018 is here with a new piece of Information which everyone of us would love, especially ice- cream lovers.
We would have seen Doctor’s telling patients with deadly heart disease to consume more ice- cream. May be we’ll feel strange, but yeah!! ice-creams do play a key role in Heart attacks and strokes. Strange isn’t it?
Scientists have developed a heart-friendly variety that boosts blood flow and reduces harmful stress on cardiac cells.
They predict the treat – packed with health-boosting plant chemicals called polyphenols – could play a key role in warding off heart attacks and strokes.
Studies have shown that polyphenols, a type of antioxidant found in foods and drinks ranging from red wine and dark chocolate to vegetables and nuts, have a beneficial effect on blood vessels, but most people on Western-style diets struggle to consume enough.
Researchers came up with the idea of packing high quantities of polyphenols into an ice cream because, in addition to being more appealing to consumers, studies suggest the chemicals survive longer at lower temperatures.
Researchers at the University of Rome gave 14 volunteers ice cream with large amounts of cocoa powder, hazelnut extract and green tea – all rich in polyphenols – mixed in. 
After eating it, the group had higher levels of nitric oxide, which keeps arteries healthy, and blood flow and physical stamina improved, compared to when they ate a bowl of normal ice cream.
Revealing their results in the journal Nutrition, the scientists said that although the study was small, the positive results could herald a new way of tackling heart disease, which kills about 73,000 Britons a year.
But Tracey Parker, of the British Heart Foundation, warned: ‘A daily dose of antioxidant ice cream will not make up for an otherwise unhealthy diet.’

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