Friday, June 29, 2018

Blood as Meal!!!

World Hematology 2018 is here with a mysterious information which is something strange to hear, Blood as a meal!!!!!
We have heard stories about vampires and have seen movies showing vampires feeding on human blood. today lets see what happens when blood is consumed orally…
In very small amounts and if the blood is free from pathogens, blood might not harm you. But blood when drank is toxic. When confined to places where blood is supposed to be — such as the heart, vessels, and so on — it is essential for life. But when ingested it’s a very different story. Of course all toxins have doses, and just as a tiny bit of poison won’t necessarily harm,  the more we eat or drink, the greater the danger.
Since the blood is rich in iron and because the body has difficulty in excreting excess iron, any animal that consumes blood regularly runs a risk of iron overdose. While iron is necessary for all animals, in high doses it can be toxic. This condition is called haemochromatosis which can cause a wide variety of diseases and problems, including liver damage, fluid build up in lungs, dehydration, low blood pressure and nervous disorders.
Unlike humans, the bodies of animals that digest blood have adapted specialized digestive mechanisms. According to Katherine Ramsland book, “The Science of Vampires”,  the vampire bat, “requires an enormous intake of iron, which helps make hemoglobin for carrying oxygen from the lungs to the body tissues. Yet the iron intake is generally higher than what the bat needs, so it has a special process for secreting the excess. When ingested, the blood goes through a tract that’s adapted for extracting nutrients. Research on this system suggests that bats have a mucous membrane along the intestinal tract that acts as a barrier to prevent too much iron from getting into their bloodstreams.”
Since humans did not evolve such an iron-extracting mechanism, drinking blood can kill us.

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